When God created heaven

When God created heaven
and he placed those stars above
I knew right then the star I’d choose
would fill my life with love.

The greatest gift bestowed to me
is the best recieved by far
Cuz that the day I met you,
and realized that you’re my star.

Now I’ve never been a prayin’ man
for religion I seldom sought
But I’ll give God thanks and say “Amen”
for the gift of love I got.

I can’t forecast what life will hold
but there is one thing I know
That if we keep it watered well
our plant of love will grow.

You will always be the brightest star
in the heavens of my heart
and I won’t despair when dark clouds near
for my star shines through the dark.


~ by angga6688 on August 2, 2009.

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